With two factories in Pederobba, near Asolo and the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Prosecco hills, the Treviso headquarters is the heart of the Group. These plants have thrived thanks to their team’s hard work and organisational skills. Today, they consist of: <ul><li>an important technical, design, and development department;</li><li>a prototyping department for quick production of plastic, bronze, and steel items;</li><li>assembly divisions;</li><li>a large manual and automatic polishing department;</li><li>a large electroplating division;</li><li>a vibro-polishing division;</li><li>a clean room coating division;</li><li>an innovative research and development department.</li></ul> Both factories are equipped with electrophoresis systems, CNC machining centres, CNC lathes, and laser cutting machines. There is also an advanced laboratory to ensure the entire production process efficiency.


With 70 years of history and a cyclical relationship with the main absolute luxury brands, Macuz S.r.l. is a treasure chest of experience in the heart of the Tuscan fashion industry, centred on the top luxury fashion segment. It was founded by the Macuz family and has been run by Auro, a passionate craftsman and entrepreneur. He has been able to transform purely artisanal knowledge into an advanced skill to work side by side with the major industrial fashion brands. Today at the helm, Auro Macuz is supported by CEO Sara Ponzoni to enable the company to work in synergy with the Group.


In the Alano di Piave factory, in the province of Belluno, Eurmoda’s strength is the result of the accuracy inspired by those experts who have worked in the eyewear industry for decades. Thanks to this expertise and the use of new in-house developed technologies, quality is consistent and workflows are speeded up during the first stage of products’ moulding. Inside the Belluno headquarters, there is a technical office for moulds’ design and production, a large hot and cold moulding department, a Zamak die casting unit, a torch and induction welding division, and a vibro-polishing unit.


An important factory specialised in metal accessories’ production, through complete in-house designed and implemented processes, is located in Valsamoggia (Emilia-Romagna). Here the roar of the best industrial and artisanal mechanical skills echoes. In this plant, Eurmoda has streamlined the already existing structure of former Alce, renowned in its reference field, by equipping its production department with CNC machines and lathes. The Valsamoggia headquarters has kept its own identity focused on meeting customers’ needs with responsiveness and precision, particularly, in prototypes’ design and industrial development. This is possible thanks to an important technical office, which is able to work in perfect synergy with other groups.


Con due sedi in posizione strategica, Eurmoda Firenze raccoglie l’esperienza ultradecennale della Ex ABC Morini e dispone di un ampio campionario retail, oltre a uno sviluppato comparto commerciale. I servizi che offre comprendono anche quelli dedicati alla customizzazione degli articoli made in Italy o d’importazione e (in una sede distaccata) una galvanica sia statica sia con roto-barile automatizzato. L’azienda gode di rapporti consolidati e decennali con produttori asiatici di dimensioni contenute, abituati a fornire un servizio di tipo tailor-made service.. The possibility of a hybrid foreign and Italian use, and of having an in-house surface finish division enables the company to reach a satisfying qualitative financial balance.



As regards technological progress, Simel 2.0 S.r.l. is Eurmoda’s flagship. Based in Marcon, in the province of Venice, it includes a specialised team of technicians and has joined the Group to carry out continuous research into processes’ optimisation. The choice to make Simel 2.0 S.r.l. take part in Eurmoda’s growth has given rise to specific robotisation and automatisation processes. These can be customised according to customers’ needs without compromising, neither on time nor on quality, aiming first at ensuring repetitive processes’ quality.


A lively synergy, between the technical expertise of a team who has worked in the chain field for long and the Group’s industrial skills, has given birth to Venetie II S.r.l. The company was founded with the aim of offering a chain production service that inextricably links an industrial approach to uncompromising quality. Located in Romano d’Ezzelino, in the province of Vicenza, in a strategic territory to inspire its workers, Venetie II has a 700 square metres factory, in which it has begun a fast growth path. In this plant there is also an innovative and highly productive department, specialised in laser marking. Having specific and modern technological equipment, the company can operate in this field.


From the scientific study carried out by a resolute researcher in materials science, enthusiastically supported by the Eurmoda Group, an experimental company capable of creating PVD finishes for luxury at any level was born. This business answers the needs of those brands aiming at obtaining great results in terms of environmental sustainability, while maintaining an economic balance and a production capacity characteristic of an industrial level.