Maria Lucia Greco, vibration division manager: “My division? It is my second home”

Feb 26, 2024 | Interviews

What is your role in Eurmoda?

I am the vibration division manager in the Pederobba plant. Given the importance of finishes’ quality in our industry, vibration is a production step requiring great manual skills and attention. Generally, our unit is considered as noisy and inelegant, because we deal with abrasive materials. Nonetheless, for me it represents a second home since I have worked here every day for eighteen years. I can tell you that I am still happy with it.

The company has changed a lot since you started working here, hasn’t it?

I arrived here 23 years ago, and I was there when the first machinery was implemented. Therefore, I have witnessed the company’s gradual growth and change. Speaking in concrete terms, as a division manager, being part of such a large group has even economic benefits. It is important that our people are happy and feel fulfilled. We are satisfied: the larger the company, more often the higher the stakes, and the more satisfaction you reach.

What changed when you became division manager?

Well, today I have to take into account each worker’s personality, which is different from one another. I have to understand their needs and, at the same time, manage production operations. Sometimes, this is precisely the difficult part, namely ensuring this balance for the company, in short. The team productivity also depends on their needs and mood.