Michele Bazzaco and industrialisation: “Patience, flexibility, and answers…immediately”

Feb 26, 2024 | Interviews

What is your role in Eurmoda?

In Eurmoda, inside the Pederobba plant, I am in charge of industrialisation development. Basically, I monitor the entire work cycle taking into account its costs, time, and feasibility. Hence, the company can manage any risk and seize the opportunity of streamlining each activity. I play a role of responsibility requiring great attention and concentration, especially considering the Group size and the number of items produced every day.

Which working method do you use?

We carry out an analysis together with division managers by comparing initial estimates with current standards. Furthermore, we figure out how to turn a prototype into a serial product keeping quality standards unvaried and committing ourselves to providing more guarantees and detailed evaluations to customers.

Do you think working in such a large group is strategic?

Given its several headquarters and a greater number of people in the team, the wealth of work experience we can deploy in daily challenges is larger. We have the opportunity to grow professionally every day by dealing with a colleague with whom, perhaps, we had never worked before on a new project. I cannot deny that, sometimes, such a large group may seem to be dispersed. Nevertheless, once each activity is clearly managed and flexible, our corporate structure is unrivalled.

When did you start working in Eurmoda?

I think it was about fifteen years ago. I have undertaken several different tasks and made progress thanks to the challenges I have faced and the responsibilities I have had. I have always tried to reach the goal of the role I have played, even though perhaps at the beginning I did not even know its characteristics. The company has believed in me as a person, more than in my skills. I have tried to improve every day and I am going to keep doing it.